AIB solutions for battery charging stations from the market leader

  • FULL assortment We offer you everything on the subject Equipment of charging rooms and charging stations of traction batteries. Special solutions can be worked out with customers fast and directly.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY Continuous quality contol and quality standard of welding of products up to installation guarantee trouble-free installation of products on customer premises.
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE + COMPETENCY Highly qualified staff always available. Gladly even on-site.
  • INNOVATION + DESIGN We work with AutoCAD + Solid Edge and would be glad to support you with new designs. Customers also have the option of creating drawings in 3D. We also develop permanent new solutions for our customers independently.
  • TIME FACTOR Short delivery times, even special solutions help you win projects. Thanks to our in-house design, we can create quotations and drawings in a very short time.
  • PROJECT PROCESSING 3D drawings are created in the desired format to illustrate the planned room and make it intelligible.

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