Trays for traction batteries and battery containers

AIB steel containers for traction batteries from the market leader offer the following advantages:

  • FULL assortment of DIN trays, special design, EX trays, in PUR / PE / EPOXY.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY Continuous quality controls and quality standard of the welding of the containers up to 100% disruptive breakdown check of the coating give you maximum safety for the complete battery.
  • EXCELLENT SERVICE + COMPETENCY Highly qualified staff with more than 30 years experience is always available at all times.
  • INNOVATION + DESIGN We work with AutoCAD + Solid Edge, we would be glad provide support for new designs. You also have the option of creating drawings in 3D. We also develop permanent new solutions for our customers independently.
  • TIME FACTOR Standard- and DIN trays for industrial batteries can be delivered within 1 – 2 days / special trays can be delivered in 7 days / You can get quotations within 12 hours.
  • DATABASES + SOFTWARE We constantly strive to further develop our databases for battery containers.
  • SAFETY Four production plants for raw battery manufacturing and two coating lines ensure that we can deliver fast and without breakdowns.